Cookies Policy

The Lemongrass House website uses "cookies" which enable's you to use the shopping cart, these "cookies" also allow us to monitor the traffic on the site so we can identify popular products or pages, buying trends and shopping cart drop out rates.

It is possible to disable the use of "cookies" in your browser but by doing so you will be unable to buy any products from the Lemongrass House website.

The cookies used on the Lemongrass House website have been categorised based on the guidelines found in the ICC UK Cookie guide.

Lemongrass House use the following categories on our website.

Category 1 - Strictly Necessary Cookies
These "cookies" are essential to enable you to browse the Lemongrass House website. Without these "cookies" you will be unable to add any products to the shopping basket, be returned to the last page you viewed after entering the checkout, use the back button in the browser or view "Recently Viewed Products".

Category 2 - Performance Cookies
These "cookies" collect anonymous information about how you use the Lemongrass House website. We use this data to optimise the Lemongrass House website and make it easier for you to use. We can track the drop out rates in the checkout which allows us to identify any problems which will stop you from placing an order.

Category 3 - Functionality Cookies
These "cookies" allow the Lemongrass House website to remember the choices you make while browsing or when you click the "Remember Me" option on the checkout.

If you do not agree to your details being stored in a cookie you must leave the Lemongrass House website immediately.

If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy for your details to be stored in a cookie.